Charles Edwards

Camera Operator

Director of Photography
‘sea of tranquility’  music video  serephin prince  d.v.
-‘best cinematography’  handle the jandel  2003
‘flowz’  music video  gaylene preston  d.v.
‘politician’ music video  justin hawkes  16 mm
‘junk male’  doco  naomi wallwork  d.v.
‘my two dads’  doco naomi wallwork  d.v.
‘chris, cris and i’  doco  naomi wallwork  d.v.
‘american amy’  short  mike murphy  16 mm
‘veil’  short  jason howden  h.d.v.
‘digit’ short  clair ashton  h.d.v.
‘a.s.h.’ tvc  chris graham  35 mm

Camera Operator
‘eagle vs shark’  feature d.p adam clark  35mm
‘facelift’  teleseries  b camera  d.p david paul  digibeta
‘revelations’  teleseries  b camera  d.p sean o’donnell  digibeta
‘tama tu’  short  d.p adam clark  35mm
‘two cars, one night’  short  d.p adam clark  35mm
‘the tub’  short  d.p adam clark  16mm
‘tourist’  music video  d.p david paul  16mm
‘sparc’  tvc  b camera d.p adam clark  35mm

1st Assistant Camera
‘the volcano’ feature film – dop adam clark
‘king kong’ feature film – B camera 2nd unit – dop richard bluck
‘river queen’ feature film – 2nd unit – dop adam clark
‘the fellowship of the ring’ feature film – scenic unit – dop adam clark
‘the legend of zorro’ feature film – miniatures unit – dop richard bluck
‘stealth’ feature film – B camera miniatures unit – dop richard bluck
‘show of hands’ digital feature – A camera – dop john cavil
‘hopeless’ digital feature – dop simon riera
‘rain of the children’ doco feature – 16mm – dop adam clark
‘duggen’ teleseries  – 16mm – dop simon riera/alan Guilford
‘the lost children’ teleseries – 16mm – A camera – dop phil burchell
‘the wotwots’ teleseries – HDV – dop richard bluck
‘insiders guide to happiness’ teleseries – DV – dop adam clark/david paul/phill burchell
‘tribe V’ teleseries – DV- parallel unit – dop sean o’donnell
‘lovebites’ teleseries  – DV – dop simon riera/simon baumfield/david paul
‘the king boys’ short film – 35mm – dop adam clark
‘fog’ short film – 35mm – dop ginny loame
‘mokopuna’ short film – 35mm dop ginny loame
‘the rat trap’ short film – 35mm – dop david paul
‘ouch’ short film – 16mm – dop adam clark
‘the hole’ short film – 16mm – dop adam clark
‘face value’ short film -16mm – dop richard bluck
‘someone eles’s  cappacino’ short film – 16mm – dop nigel bluck
‘welcome home’ short film – 16mm – dop marty williams
‘mainland cheese’ tvc -35mm – dop ian paul
‘hubba hubba’ tvc – 35mm – dop sean o’donnell
‘acc’ tvc – 35mm – dop david paul
‘maritime safety’ tvc – 35mm – dop richard bluck
‘telecom’ tvc – 35mm – dop john blick
‘michel hill jeweller’ tvc – 35mm – dop adam clark
‘fresh ‘n’ fruity’ tvc -35mm – dop adam clark
‘subaru’ tvc – 35mm – dop adam clark
‘boost mobile’ tvc -35mm – dop nick finleyson
‘v’ tvc – 16mm – dop james cowley
‘i am dunedin’ tvc – 16mm – dop rocky Hudson
‘cheers  volunteers’ tvc  – 16mm – dop adam clark
‘ministry of justice’ tvc – HDV – dop ginny loame

2nd Assistant Camera
‘the lord of the rings’ feature film – A camera 2nd unit – dop john cavil
‘the irrefutable truth about demons’ feature film – dop simon baumfield
‘saving grace’ feature film – dop sean o’donnell
‘via satelite’ feature film – dop simon riera

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