Benedict Reid


Benedict Reid is a scriptwriter. His first script, the comedy Futile
Attraction (co-written with Mark Prebble), was shot as a digifeature and
released by Arkles Entertainment in 2005.

Benedict has writing credits for all four series of Gibson Groups Satire
show Facelift, BBC radio 7’s “Newsjack”, and in 2008 developed a sitcom
(along with cowriters Linda Niccol and Dave Armstrong) with Ninox films
which did not proceed to production.

He won the 2009 Play Press Screenplay Competition. He has also won a number
of short film script competitions, including Image Icon Productions
production competition, the prize meaning that his short film script
“Trouble Next Door” is due to be produced in New England, USA in the near

Benedict has also been a Producer of short films and worked for a number of
years at Maori Television as Team Leader Broadcast and News Libraries.

Benedict was Vice-President of the New Zealand Writers Guild 2007-2010. He
is currently TV Funding Coordinator for NZ On Air.

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