Chrissy Metge

Animation Producer, Production Manager and Coordinator

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Chrissy Metge is currently working at Karactaz Ltd as an Animation  Producer.

She has an impressive record including:

Weta  – ‘The Wotwots’  – 52 X 10 minute episodes
Animalia Productions – ‘Animalia’ – 40 X 24 minute episodes
Firehourse Films – ‘Bro Town’
Cobalt VFX – Two documentaries ‘Man Made Marvels’ for Discovery channel
Karactaz – Commercials, short films

Chrissy says:

The Film/Animation Production industry provides a creative outlet in the field that I find challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

I enjoy the challenge of working in a fast paced deadline orientated job.  I have dealt with a wide variety of international and domestic companies spanning various cultures. I love working with people and in the close knit team environments this industry offers and I want to grow my knowledge, skills and experience whilst utilizing my wide knowledge base in customer/client management, office administration, and 2D/3D Animation and VFX in order to successfully complete every project.
Im on the board of the non-profit organization Women in Animation New Zealand (WIANZ) that is connected globally. And feel very passionate about encouraging and educating people who love animation to help them get ahead.

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