James Nokise


New Zealand’s favourite Samoan/Welsh stand-up comic, James Nokise is the first Pacific Islander to work fulltime on the United Kingdom stand-up comedy circuit.

With over four years on the UK pro circuit under his belt, and twice nominated for New Zealand’s top comedy award, Nokise is also a veteran of four Edinburgh Fringe festivals including hosting and headlining duties during the inaugural “Best of Kiwi Showcase” in 2004. Since then he has risen to be one of the top young comedians in New Zealand, performing hugely successful one hour solo shows in five New Zealand International Comedy festivals. He is co-founder of production company Not Even Brodcutions, and comedy bookers International Stand-up.

Other Interests include:

Occasionally writing editorials for magazines.

Occasionally writing a play – his first, The Minister’s Son, got nominated for a Chapminn Tripp – although he’s only managed one.

“Arguably New Zealand’s most underrated Comedian”
The Dominion Post

“A Star in the making”
– The New Zealand Herald

“Had a great relationship with the audience****”
– – Edinburgh Fringe 2004

“This is a man who is not so much angry at racist attitudes as befuddled at the pointlessness of it all…plenty of laughs, easy raport, and confident delivery”
– Edinburgh Fringe Report 2010

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