Jeremy Macey


Jeremy Macey is a producer, writer and director and script advisor based in Wellington. He has produced five shorts and two self-funded and -distributed features, including The Great Maiden’s Blush which won Best Self-Funded Film at the 2017 Moas. He started out making documentaries and returned to this form with his short doc Gina about voluntary euthanasia (co-directed with Wendell Cooke) which as of mid-2017 had 400k+ views.

Jeremy acted in and produced theatre shows before getting into short films. He worked in advertising and documentary for a few years in Moscow, and in development at the NZ Film Commission where he learnt a huge amount about script – not least that there is always more to learn…

Part of his enthusiasm for mentoring is because he hates re-inventing the wheel: if someone else can learn from his mistakes, they can make new ones – which after all is much more fun.

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