Shane Loader


Shane Loader and Andrea Bosshard have worked as a filmmaking (producing, writing, directing, editing) team for the past 20 years. Our most recent projects include Kobi, a feature documentary portrait on Andrea’s father, renowned Swiss goldsmith Kobi Bosshard which will screen in the 2017 NZIFF, and the critically acclaimed independent feature            The Great Maiden’s Blush (WINNER BEST INDEPENDENT FILM, BEST ACTRESS – NZ FILM AWARDS 2017).     Other features include Hook, Line & Sinker (2011) and Taking the Waewae Express (2008).

What brings us together in our filmmaking pursuits is our interest in telling character-based stories, stories sourced from our communities where big themes play out in modest circumstances, stories that explore the human condition and have the power to move and touch us.

Without extensive crews, large lighting set-ups, copious amounts of equipment – all the trappings that are taken as the norm within the Hollywood model – story and performance are for us our greatest resource and asset. As filmmakers in the digital age, this is where we choose to put our energies as filmmakers – into sharpening our abilities to tell a story through characters who bear the stamp of authenticity and truthfulness.

In an era when filmmaking has never before been so inexpensive, films have, ironically, never cost so much to make. Issues around financial sustainability are not part of the language of the notoriously money-hungry film industry. But to have a healthy and prolific industry, it is crucial that we start thinking outside the square to develop new filmmaking models, and quite simply, have more people making films. As French filmmaker Jean Cocteau said, “Film will only become an art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper.” We mightn’t be there yet, but digital technology certainly brings us closer to this than ever before.

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