Wellington Writers Sandpit

Sandpit Script Workshops run Wednesday nights, 6.30pm-9.30pm, in 5 week blocks.

In each block we have four in house weeks, and one public.

The Saturday before each house week, four of the writers will submit a 20-25 page script segment for casting.
The actors will have 4 days to prepare their roles for the Wednesday night.
Actors will be cast evenly over the block, to help each secure a spread of the lead roles.

On the night, the actors will perform the reading for the rest of the group, being encouraged to get up and perform what is safe (or logical) to do so, with guidance from a narrator.

After each segment is performed, the group will offer feedback to the actors for their performance, and the writer for their script, allowing each to take on board the feedback they find useful, and build it into their future work.

The public night is when one writer presents a full piece of around 100 pages.

A great event for people wanting to develop their craft in a safe environment, network with like minded creative people.

The dates for Block #5, 2017:
8th November
15th November
22th November
29th November
6th December
Attendees are expected to attend all 5 weeks. Payment covers the entire block.

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Sandpit Script Workshops is a spin off of the original Screenwriting Workshops. They were held by the Emerging Artists Trust, and moderated by Steve Barr.