EAT Funding Conditions

On acceptance

If successful, on acceptance of funding, EAT requires the following:

  • Where applicable the offer of opening night/screening tickets x 4 for the EAT Board and representatives
  • Frequent updates about the progress of the project especially if there are ANY PROPOSED changes to the funding agreement

NB: ANY change proposed requires EAT Board approval.


All marketing materials such as posters, flyers and social media posts must display the EAT logo.

  • EAT must sign off on logo use. Forward draft materials to
  • If printed, the minimum size is 17mm across the top edge

Within a month of completion

Within a month of completion of the project, EAT requires a report that includes:

  • Receipts for spending, specifically of EAT funds
  • A full, final budget
  • Evidence of the placement of the EAT logo on all promotional material, (eg. flyers/ posters, web material)
  • A list of participants involved
  • A record of audience numbers and demographic (if applicable)
  • Stills images, photographs, and reviews for the EAT archive and website
  • A summary of the project highlighting what worked, what didn’t, and how the project could have been improved.

The Emerging Artists Trust endeavors to support artists whom we believe are launching sustainable careers in the arts, so we will be following recipients’ careers with interest. For this reason, we would also like to be informed of future plans for the project and any individual plans or aspirations for the future.


DOWNLOAD: EAT Funding Conditions 2019