Bevan Shaw

My aim was to use an EAT grant to exhibit the results of a three month residency at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing China for 3 weeks in the Toi Poneke Gallery in October, 2015. The exhibition included paintings and a video projection with sound. I also produced an exhibition catalogue and have exhibited the work again at the Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, in August 2016.

In my practice, I explore the process of how ideas change over time, through the mediums of painting and video. I am interested in perception and the relationship between structured pattern and organic forms.

During the residency in China, I became fascinated by the architecture and atmosphere of Beijing and took sound recordings and made paintings of this ever-changing environment. I also researched the perspective found in traditional Chinese painting and explored new ways of constructing space in my paintings. While working, I documented each stage of the painting process with digital photographs. These, and the sound recordings of the city were used to create a video work when I returned to New Zealand, which was a collaboration with Wellington composer Carolyn Ayson.

Successful aspects of this project included excellent feedback from the audience. The opening had a good number of people attending and great support from family and friends. Emma Ng the curator and manager at Enjoy Public Art Gallery wrote an excellent text on the video work in the exhibition. Carolyn Ayson created a wonderful music composition to accompany the video work, which gave the exhibition environment good atmosphere as the sound samples had been recorded in Beijing. During the exhibition period the show received many visitors including some from the Chinese Embassy and the Asia New Zealand Foundation. Some of the paintings were purchased for private collections and one piece was acquired for the James Wallace Arts Trust Collection.