Hold Me

Hold Me was a world premiere of a stunning work by NZ playwright Emily Duncan. While Emily had won a number of awards, her work had yet to be produced out of Dunedin – staging the premiere season of Hold Me in Wellington was the next natural progression in Emily’s career, and pivotal in her beginning to be seen in the wider New Zealand context. Through supporting Hold Me, EAT was supporting Emily’s growth and recognition as an emerging and talented NZ playwright.

Described as an intriguing, twisting play with surrealist David-Lynch-inspired moments, Emily’s script was brought to life in the supportive and fast-paced BATS Theatre – the ideal place for emerging artists, and to showcase a new work. Presented in the Propeller Studio in September 2016, this work enjoyed some glowing reviews, including:

“Enigmatic and intriguing … Why it is only on for five nights beats me – so don’t delay your booking.” Theatreview.org
“Surreal and fascinating … engaging and highly compelling.” Stuff.co.nz
“It is a show that will repeat its opening night glory and deserves the full house it received that night.” Artmurmurs.nz

H-J Kilkelly is an experienced stage and production manager, who had produced a number of small shows, mainly limited to Dunedin in the early 2000s. She is coming back to the industry after a long hiatus and is now seeking to make a career out of producing. She looks to grow, learn and develop her career by maintaining a steady flow of successful work.

Tabitha Arthur is an emerging Wellington director, who has been working hard to build her profile within the industry. Looking to maintain momentum and visibility, and to continue growing her exciting, and beautifully designed, body of work. A graphic designer by day, Tabitha brings a unique eye to her productions.

With EAT’s support, this production showcased the talents of several emerging artists alongside established and experienced actors Alex Greig, Kirsty Bruce, and Raquel Roderick. Co-production Designer and Costumer Designer Harriet Denby developed new skills as an emerging Stage Manager. The team worked for the first time with emerging sound designer, Brad Jenkins, and Audrey Morgan as Lighting Designer and Operator. These were all excellent relationships resulting in strong work being developed.

We are grateful for the Emerging Artist Trust’s support and belief in us and our work.