Pot Luck

Pot Luck is a webseries made here in Wellington that is entertaining audiences throughout the world. With three lesbian characters at the heart of this comedy it doesn’t exactly scream mainstream, and I’m super stoked that the Emerging Artists Trust gave my concept for Pot Luck the first vote of confidence, and the funding that allowed us to make the first episode.
With a pilot episode completed we used crowdfunding and sponsorship to raise the money needed to complete season one, and the series has gone on to gain more than 1.5 million views and find a global audience. We’ve been selected to screen in a whole bunch of international web festivals, Pot Luck is available on a range of platforms (including TVNZ On Demand), and we recently received funding from New Zealand On Air to develop and produce a second season. Yay!

Part of the vision for this project has been the development of talent and building a strong team. Our crew was a great mix of experienced filmmakers and emerging talent, with some of the key roles filled by people stepping up a level. Through EAT’s mentoring programme our DoP Pikihuia Haenga was supported by Charles Edwards, and this helped build her confidence, prepare for the shoot, and refine her skills. We were also able to offer on-set experience for recent graduates of the Film School, and include actors who are new to the screen world.

The Emerging Artists Trust gave us more than a few thousand dollars – they gave us the chance to produce a taste of the series we were making, and show an audience and sponsors what we would do with their support. I honestly don’t know whether we would have raised the money for season one without that pilot episode, and the Emerging Artists Trust definitely helped kick off Pot Luck’s success.