Two Naked Gay Guys

Two Naked Gay Guys is a comedy drama web series by Conan McKegg that was funded by the 2015 EAT grant round. With both financial and mentoring support from the Emerging Artists Trust, Conan was able to create a pilot episode of the series to help jump start crowdfunding on Kickstarter to fund a season of the show.

Since its release in 2016, Two Naked Gay Guys has garnered over 700, 000 unique views from its YouTube channel alone and is now available on two LGBT streaming services as well as having recently become both a YouTube partner and joined the Broadband Television partner network. The series was featured on number of online LGBT magazine sites as well as getting a mention on Newshub.

Conan is now working on the second season of the series as well as developing a new web series for release next year. He credits EAT with helping the series get off the ground with their seed funding and support.

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